Master thesis, 2019, KADK

How does one inhabit that which is unstable and in continuous transformation? And how could instability and natural forces be seen as co-authors of architecture, rather than risks to diminish? Architecture, and especially its archetype – the house – is generally expected to keep its inhabitants safe and removed from any outside threat. Keeping the inside in and the outside out, the house comes with a promise of stability and safety. But what would it mean to diminish this expectation?

Emerging from the most unstable houses of Knolden, the Unstable Houses are not reminicent of anything you would expect from a house. Instead, they challenge our strive for stability, seeking new relationships between architecture, inhabitant and its environment. 


A shed on the highest, most exposed point of Knolden; through erosion, a massive roof to walk under.


A small shelter at the lowest point of Knolden; letting water flow through, sand and earth settle; a lump of clay to excavated and burnt.


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